About us

In 2004, a group of people that share same interest, initiated by Lazar Slepcev, founded the NGO “Fund for Social Stability” (FfSS). The name of the NGO determined the direction of the planned accomplishments and the organization focused its activities on areas of social life and public discourse in which it is possible to contribute to the building and establishment of the rule of law and civil society in Serbia.
FfSS, in cooperation with the Central European Initiative (CEI), based in Trieste (Italy), has successfully implemented three projects in the field of rural development promotion. In the period from 2005 to 2007 in cooperation with the local “IN radio”, the project “Makiaveliada” has been implemented, and the purpose of this project was to spread political culture. In 2007, FfSS successfully organized two roundtable discussions dedicated to the parliamentary elections. In 2011, due to the change in the Law on Associations, the FfSS had to re-register, and changed its name to the Center for Social Stability – CfSS.
In the period from 2011 to 2013, cooperation with the CEI has continued, through the implementation of three other important projects in the field of rural development. In 2011 and 2012 CfSS completed the project “Traditional is new Modern” which proved the possibility of incorporating traditional forms and narratives in the form of contemporaneousness. In numerous media occurrences, CfSS representatives successfully promoted and defended the principles on which the association rests: in particular the principles of measure, balance, social accordance and harmony.
The CfSS, with its activities, attracts and actively involves in its work increasing number of young, educated and creative people. Their enthusiasm and their energy are the guarantee for the future success of the CDS.